Client Testimonials

“My wife and I were both considering early retirement within a 2 year time frame. We knew that pensions were a complex issue with numerous options. As I would be on a final salary scheme we concluded that we needed specialist financial advice.

My employer pointed us in the direction of three IFA’s but quite honestly none of them really impressed us. We felt the process to be rushed and impersonal; they just seemed to want our money. Trust is very important to me and I don’t take people on face value.

Then we were recommended to meet with Gary and quite honestly his approach stood out a mile. Gary really wanted to get to know us and what we wanted. He invested an inordinate amount of time, over several meetings, to understand what our priorities were. He wasn’t at all pushy, unlike the other people we had seen. It was initially a risk for him as there was no guarantee that he would gain us as clients.

I was particularly interested in the aspects of Legacy Planning and Gary explained the options available to us, particularly with regard to minimising tax. There’s a lot of detail to absorb but Gary presented it in a very professional manner that made it easy for us to understand.

Our conclusion was that Gary’s service at AMG is a ‘ball park’ better than the others and we have no hesitation in recommending him”.

“I am happy to say that our family has worked with Gary for over 11years. Initially, we discussed financial planning and ISA’s and that’s where we first hit it off. Gary is very easy to work with and explains the options very well.

More recently, we have discussed what we call the ‘Family Pot’ with Gary and that’s where Legacy Planning has come into play. We are thinking more about the longer term and how the immediate family and grandchildren can benefit.

Sadly, my husband passed away recently and in the process of probate my solicitor commented how well our financial planning and affairs had been organised; It actually had saved time and money.

Put simply, if you want the right results for your money and investments you need people you can trust.

Would I recommend Gary? Absolutely! In fact, we have recommended Gary and AMG to many others already”.

“Gary Hans was recommended to me by our accountant as we were looking to adjust some of our investments. We particularly wanted to discuss inheritance tax issues and wealth planning for our family.

We previously had involvement with another company but our personal manager had left. It’s fair to say that we were cautious about just talking to anyone about personal information; it was very much a family project so we adopted a ‘slowly-slowly’ approach. We wanted to explore the concept of Legacy Planning and we were interested in the options available to us.

Our first impression of Gary is that he was very sociable and easy going. He explained the options very well and even used a board to visually show how some of the procedures work. His approach is very clear and thorough; he doesn’t rush the process and wanted to make sure that we received exactly the right advice for our family circumstances.

Having made the decision to appoint Gary, we are now evaluating other aspects of Legacy Planning for the future.

We are happy to be working with Gary and AMG and would recommend him to others without doubt”.

“I had taken the time to evaluate the options and I pretty much knew what I wanted for my retirement investments. I was keen to consolidate the retirement position for both myself, my wife and our two children. Legacy Planning appeared to be the way forward as the principle means you could leave as much as possible with the least tax liability.

I had actually talked to a number of different advisors before I met with Gary. Your typical IFA tends to be an aggressive salesman, but Gary’s approach was different. He wants the best for you and yours. I like the way he presents; he is a good businessman but he also has the personal touch and took the time to understand what we wanted.

It’s early days in our relationship but the signs are good and we are pleased so far. We know that Gary represents St. James’s Place but it’s Gary we bought into. We would definitely recommend him to others”.

“We have known and dealt with Gary for 13 years. Throughout that time we have always found him to be open, honest and helpful. He is knowledgable and always ready to provide advice. We would be happy to recommend him to anyone.”